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new journal [19 Dec 2004|06:06pm]






</a></strong></a>barbie_crunk    \

i added most of u, add me back!

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[16 Dec 2004|02:55pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

wow. some people SUCK at keeping secrets.


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new journal [12 Dec 2004|05:48pm]

already bored with this journal...so add mynew journal...add me first and co mment here

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comment [09 Dec 2004|02:35pm]
[ mood | busy ]

what was youre first impression of me...and what is it now?

comment !!

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wonderboy what is the secret of your powerrrrrrrr [17 Sep 2004|03:37pm]
[ mood | calm ]

thisss weeek. school was nt bad today it was pretty fun actually. math was boring but funny cuz thats how it is....

haha and the guys at the table in my art class were being so mean to this other girl . we were drawing stuff and they wre like lemme see yours so i showed them. and they were like wow thats hot...like youre face. and then the other girl showed them hers and they were like wow thats ugly...like your face. it wwas realyl funny. then this guy came over and was like "will you be my girlfriend so i can stay at youre house? no im just kidding, not so i can stay at your house...its cuz i like youre face. and your body. ill come back in a half hour for an answer"

insannnnee and funny. the teacher told us we didnt know anything, damn courtney love lookalike bitch whore. anyywaysss me and hooch on wed. nite whent to west wood and cpk and stuff and saw my tessssyfer and stuff

then we went to zzoo and saw michellllllleeeee and moger and mikey and my BEST FRIEND jh and matt sokol is so smart. p nadeeeeeeeee tonight 3103833854

o yea from now on th e entries are gonna be friends only so comment if you wannt me to keep you

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[13 Sep 2004|03:46pm]
[ mood | bored ]

ahhh last week school started. it was carazy . fun, better than archer. uhh its easy to get away with stuff there...so thats cool! yeah friday i went to lizzies with molly and rebecca then we went to the promenade. it was muy bueno specially for mollls hahahh. ha. there was this lame fat gay guy who would sing or give lap dances for 50 cents cuz he had no gas money it was grandddd
then we went to lizzies house and these boys who were annoying came over. but me and reb and moly had fun any way. then saterday we ate in n out yay and went to the promenade and shopd kind of. got new tongue rings then i went to tess's house and we ate cpk and watched DICKIE ROBERTS i dont understand how any one couldnt love that movie it was so funny and KSDJAF;KLJFSJK sunday me tess and mikey went to pene f. for breakfast and then madeline came and we waited with herr till nat came. party
thennnnnn nothing happned and i had school today it was ok except for french which is always stupid cuz the teacher dosnt speak englisH!! i saw russia tho. interesting. tomarrow is picture day . friday is promenade dayyyyy

oh yeah no school thursday dos ne one wana hang out.

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youre my playground lovvvve [06 Sep 2004|09:57pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

wow i can't believe summers basically over. in one day i start a whole new school..thank god. this summer was so  amazing. i met so many new people and it was just awesome.

this last week was really fun. monday, i got my tongue pierced with nat, lizzie and dara. tuesday, i went to trents house with tanya, then wednesday me her and annie and bruce i think saw Garden State, which was really good. then the next day me and mattie went to davids house and hung out. then friday molly and i went to the promeande, which was sooooooooooo much fun  i cant even explain. i met ryan and tyler, theyre realy funny. saterday was venice, i was in a bad mood. only got 2 shirts and nag champas or watever. then davids house, then cc, really boring actually. then me and julia on sunday went to molyls for a little then to west wood. we saw i think max and his friends. then hung out with natalie and her friend then max and his friend again. it was fun. then today, i went to tess's house, we walked to zen zoo and met up with nat ryan and tyler. then we saw alyssa pheobe and camille and carly. then we met up with mads, mikey, alex, john henry and courtney, went to mikeys house and hung outttt it was a party..and then me mikey and tess went to benihanassss im king henryyyyyy haha.

tomarrow is my last day of summer..im glad as hell im not going back to archer.

this defintly was the best summer.

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im gonna have 2 balls in mymouth at all times [31 Aug 2004|12:36pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

"earring in her tongue and she knows what to do with it" hahaahhhh.yep thats me. ha yesterday i got el tongue pierced . tomarrow six flags i think. I CAN TALK NORMALLY comment. editttttttt- not going to six flags. but tonight me and tanya are goin night surfing ha im gonna die.

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[29 Aug 2004|09:58pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

ok ...davids party was fun. today was boring. mostly just updating to say:

1. i quit vball so if you guys wanna hang this week call me

and most importantly....

archer starts this week. haha.

EDIT****- i think tomarrow im getting my tongue pierced....im freakin scared..ill post later to let u no if its done.
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i don wanna be.... [27 Aug 2004|12:33pm]
[ mood | blank ]

yesterday was the pali orientation. it was really fun. and about 3004993018398 times better than archer. the people are so funny and i like it a lot. i feel sorry for archer highschoolers im sory. anyways after the orientation me jay and nat met up with david, harrison, tim,  and alex e and nik james at zen zoo. then they left to davids hosue and me and nat waited 45 minutes for our taxi to davids house. and we went ther and kelly and lucy and another kid was there. we watched degrassi while they swam and mattie came for second then her and kelly left. thennn oh yeah tim put his swim shorts on my FACE and that was pretty not cool. and now i hate him but i dont jk. ha anyways then jabrillllll (yesss) took me david and nat and the other kid to the promenade while jay tim and alex skated haha it was cool. we saw the exercist and it was scary and fuckn disturbing but really bad it was shit altho dillon is obsessed with it.

then i saw this girl who looked really familiar and she thought i did too...she looked like an olsen twin and she thought i was famous and i told her i was, but then mattie spoild it (damn you mattie). and i saijhewaiosjdklajs lkyeah shes cooll. and then nick and geoff came and me and geoff ditched mattie and so she was singing to herself it was outstanding.

TODAY IS FRIDAY and im gonna go to lizzies house with mollly and we r p-nading. i need to hang out with alot of you freaks before school (such as becky, rachel , sheena, rebstaires, farah, alex, erica, pigeon?, and everyone shidafslkf) and if youre not on that beautiful list its either because : i hate you, youre goin to my school, or you dont have an lj. call or commet 310 383 3854


ps jack johnson= yes

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madeline did this im copying her [24 Aug 2004|04:36pm]
[ mood | calm ]

look for youre lj username!

7hundershocx / bridget r- sooo hilarious! it was really fun being in classes with you because : you were reeallllly funny, nice, and fell alot. i hope we can still hang out since we both are being released from archer. sawao is sexy.

almost_famous14 / sheena baby- so many memories! hawaii....the guys pants in the water elevator...brian...tupperware....the beach. it sucks we cant go to the same school now, but were still gonna hang out cuz i said so. youre so pretty and hilarious, and im so happy that we became friends. no more tanaz time....is that a good or bad thing? anyways..i heart u! and im sure youre the one who made up jacksonian.

as_night_falls / justin - my gato buddy! youre emo and random , but thats cool. i have youre secret picture mwhaha its cool we're friends and stuff and you should come to la and we all can hang out g~

chrystal_fury / sarah h- we hung out with geoff and veronika in 6th grade and had so much fun, like when we kidnapped you guys from that school and walked around and that hobo called me babycakes..hahahaha good times. and youre extra cool cuz we have the same name.

coolethan353 / mikey- you have to be one of the verrrry few cool sevys out thurr. were so pimp with our alone n sedutive community...everyones so jealous haa. they should be! youre awesome 2 hang out with and ill c u at the p-nade

corysawesomelj / cory joffe- ha good times at the promenade...youre always there when some random guy hits on me...its weirrrrd. sorry that one time me and kelly left you at the promenade it wasnt our faults but mhmmm.

douhaveaspoon / melissa- you..............i remember you from canyon. with our like limitied too gear...ew im so ashamed. sugar rays.....zooooooomm youre little random jiggity thing. you  are cool im gonna miss seeing you at the bus stop for hell!

dragonbright / helen? i think- youre silly youre really silly.

dream_fields / tess c- youre awesome and so nice, i just saw you friday or saturday at the promenade...when ace was attacking tanya haha good times. im glad were friends and we should hang out more !

empathicembrace / jackoff/ geoff- emo!! ha. we hav fun at the promenade. except when you jump  on me, you know how un muscle having i am! silly . red bull= yes! hahahah you just get your stuttering problem checked or else no one can undo your zipper! im glad weve stayed friends through your blonde flowing rogain for women hair to youre brown emo hair. good times kidnapping you and hirsch from that school.

extatiquebettie / nat- my love! we were friends since 6th grade and still are,  and im soo happy were going to pali together. we have so much fun wen we are hanging out, especially when that guy slipped on the tray at the promenade. youre coming with me to get my tongue pierced! youre gorgeous and you dont change for anyone and are so determined to get what you want (haha mason, whew hott) i LOVVVE you.

farrrah/ farah.. - i think i can speak for everyone when i say you defintly changed archer. you were so crazy it was so funny. ms houze gave you a seizure..hhaha. you got scared when i told you i was god. so many cookies so little time! hahah i cant believe we were such good friends and have so many memories in one short school year its crazy! im gonna miss how only we see certain things..hahaha arrow week.

guitargirl0123 / storey - the nicest person in the world...but dnt be afraid to let people know when you need things! like when we all thought you broke your wrist...youre so caring and a nice friend , you me and molly had alotta fun that one time. and youre family is soo great...grady hahah remember what he was doing behing my back? haha  good times..

idaho_ho/ annie- ME?? OH -- OH STOP! ME???! youre crazy and i hate you.

imoowhenisurf / erika lee- youre okay. i dont like you that muchh, but . yeah.

ha kidding...well have fun at pali. you and ur stupid geometry 2. psh

inouwant2 / michelle s- ay aya yyyy guadelupe hildago!! hahah good times in history. and the steam room that was sooo funnnnnnnnnnnnn we gottta do it again. remember when ms bamford got mad at us for mariachi singing? hahahah we need to hang out!

its__my__life/ taryn- we didnt get to know each other that well but we had fun in advisory with ms coffin and her constant being cold...if you know what i mean..

kissmyass123/ mogggerrrr-  our moger/jackson thing will never get old. its cool we could hang out in advisory and hate ms coffin at times...and remember out little excursion at century city with /..events? haha

lilolipopgirl/ aurrora- you are a completely insane fool. haha boy from the thirties boy from the thirties! our inspiration of that song. weve had so many good times making fun of dicklicker and stuff and im glad were goin to pali together.

lovrsdontgiveup/ pa- since 1996 ! what else can i say? we always have fun..remember your impression of that lady FLAPPING! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. we had fun at arrow week HAHA MOOO. hahaha no one will ever know. i hope. we need some good men for us! im thinking....ucla? maybe harvard? oh yeahh. we have so many inside jokes im . im im goin crazy...pali doesnt know whats gonna hit them ...ha well have so much fun..monday goin 2 gether woop i love u! we have to hang out soon.....and im so glad weve stayed friends since 1st grade!

luckyducky2305/ becky- i remeber in sixth grade we always would be "ansy" in mr millers boring ass class...haha. you are so honest and mean to some people i lovvvvvve it. history was so much fun because of our random faces and ms coffins...yeah. we should hang out soon and i hope we stay friends since were goin 2 diffrent sschools after what like...8 years??? cRaZYYY!

mainoffender627/ ericas nick- i havent known you for that long, but youre pretty coOol, and youre aim sn is great . ive heard so many amazing insults from you i cant even think straight. how do you think of these brilliant things??? anyways keep saying them, its good entertainment.

mangamelo/ sophie- that face you made that was sooooo scary! it freaked me out. anyways, im glad i got to know you because youre sooo funny and sweet and it sucks we cant go to school together! but youre awesome as hell and stay that way dont let archer screw you up.

misshartnett/cody rae hay hay! hahaha- you are an  odd one. very interesting. you are incredibly clumsy and thats always fun to hear you curse about in advisory/history. too bad we cant go tos schoollllllll 2gether. hope you have fun~

momas_boy / roland-  its cool we were friends this year at camP! youre so hilarious and cool and i hope we get to hang out soon, and maybe ill see you next year at camp

moonlightmile/ erica r- ahh silly. im so glad we got to be friends this year. it wouldnt have been the same in music or fitness without yaaa. we had so much fun making fun of the rapist painter, and especially the ice monster. like when she was going to send you out in the hall for not singing..psh shes such a veronika fucker. i hope we can hang out and stay friends since we arent goin to school together anymore! and it sucks we didnt get to go to that adicts concert, but we should defintly go together next time.

myredrose / julia f- zorro! i m soooo happy we were friends at archurr. we had so much fun together, in hawaii with BRIAN , the three musketeers and "move it or lose it" ahah that kid was so lame. and IDAHO hahaa. i love how you are FULL ggerman, and not only half! remember at sephora when you were like FAGGOT! REMEMBER FAGGOT! hahaha we better stay friends ! i loVe you remembera arrow weekk.........hahah. baja!

need2bcruel / emily- i dont really know you that well, but you seem cool from the few times we met. i hope we can get to know eachother better at pali!

oh____damn/ katayyy- one of those cool non-7thgraders! im so glad were friends we had gooOooooooood times at cc in the market with everything and putting that naaaaasty jello in other ppls carts. hahah fun fun we must hang soon!

paradox_romance/ thomaaas-  cool catttttttt you are. we should hang out in LA you and justina should come visit us were ccoool.

play_rough / rebstaires- babiiii. we have fun in el sunnnnnnnnnnnn....i love youuuu . we have so many inside jokes! dud, dudstaires, come on maaaaaann, taking a sip of grandpas old cough medicine...in hawaii you were always left behind. specially cuz of the curent lol good times babbbbbbbbbby we be chilln soon! london wasnt ready for youz..haah

shoptilidrop211 / alison- we didnt get to know eachother too well, but we had fun on the bus annd talking about colebourn and other crazy things

sick_nicky/ nick s- crazy satan boy. tall.

some_day_soon/ ho/ twin/ carol- youre such a fucking skank!! GOD YOU SLUT i love you. pali isnt ready for this jelly! TOO baddddd..............our friday promenade should happen more often! yes this fridayy is one of them fridays. we are so mhmmmmmmm. you  are gonna get raped one day i assure you, but remember- if theyre old, hit them. if theyre hot, help them.

stewart_nizzle/daisy- crazy daisy

surfer_rosa00 / madeline- my favorite neighbor.. youre so awesome>! we should hang out more since you do live a second away, i can see youre house right now ha. that aint yo mama, yo mama dead! run foo! hahahah xoxoxo

t_cozy / tim- well we dont talk much but we should! haha. im glad we got to hang out this summer at davids and should hang more cuz youre awesome

wearsomebreros/ connor- CONNY! hahaha you are too cool for school. ii havent even known u too long but  ive known you long enough to say youre awesome and yes. we should still have that family guy thing! im coming to youre football game with that flowery sign by the way..

x_reverie_x/ quinn- i love this girl! quinnnnn my beautifullllll blonde friend. youre so awesome and original with youre style. i think we need to hang out more...actually we DO need to hang out more! you are my saviourr and youre name is sexiful.

x_theshizznit_x/ steph-  wait, who are you? ohhh steph. what school do you go to? who are you? oh... ahahahhahahah late night chats GOOOOOOOOD times! WHOLLY CREPE!

youjustlickedit/ the stupid head i call julia- soo many good times i cant even aksjdflafdlaklfsklfafkasj. mary my bumble bee, you falling doing that dance, everybody dance now, roses, EVERYTHING! we better stay friends you shit face cock master.hahah late night chats with steph jeff and grant. oh man funny ness. and wen we went to coldstones and realized we had no money . and denlinger that prick! haaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaa i lov yaaa and u call me. now.


read and commmentttttttttttttt love me



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PICTURES [19 Aug 2004|07:45pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

volleyball is stupid. i kinda hope i dont make the team. anyways tomarrow after vball im gonna walk over to kellys and were gonna promenade later. then sat i think im hangin with tanya. party....now pictures from the beach, more beach, and other stuff

**EDIT: get addicted...........join the community adictsnotadx if you like the adicts. it needs more memebers! ps. i made the vball team.


glory glory football fairy storyCollapse )

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[15 Aug 2004|02:02am]
hi guys. this b sarah jaxon
comment to be added
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